Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Customising Your Desktop pt.2

I just enhanced and edited my previous post about modding your Windows Desktop, so it's now a part of the new Tutorial section of the Fwonk* Forum. Read it here.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Customising Your Desktop

Customising my desktop has become quite a geeky hobby of mine. The above image (click for full size image) is my current desktop at work. I have a similar setup at home. The task bar is on auto-hide, though I have the SlanXP2 theme installed.

Using TweakUI I have removed all of my desktop icons - I just don't like them cluttering up my screen! So the key to navigating through programmes and folders is this little box down in the bottom right. I have this sitting over the top of all my other programmes, though I can click through everything bar the icons themselves.

This is a combination of two highly useful programmes. The time, system details and transparent black background are a customised version of the Enigma theme for Rainmeter. This is a highly customisable utility that sits in your system tray and provides all manner of information you might need.

The black icons is a customised version of RocketDock. This features the Stacks Docklet, which allows grouping of icons - as seen here, I have my Microsoft Office programmes under one icon.

This is only the beginning for your 133t h4xx0r5 out there, who go into far further detail, using EmergeDesktop and LiteStep and all manner of shell custom programmes.

There are all manner of sites out there to help you get or create your own wallpapers too. Try a few of the follwing:
Get hacking!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


This is an awesome video featuring all sorts of fancy techniques I can't even begin to describe. Enjoy.