Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Website News

I will be launching a major update to my Fwonk website this Friday, timed to coincide with the new release on Fwonk Records by Flash. The site will now be easily navigable throughout the different areas - Fwonk Records, Heskin Radiophonic, Mechagodzilla etc. and more graphically co-ordinated. It's looking good here, and just ready for Flash's LP to launch.

See you all Friday!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Rocket Dock

Who likes eye-candy? Who likes that fancy zoom-in navigation bar thing on MacOS and wishes they had it on poor lowly Windoze? Well now you can!

This fancy bit of freeware makes your Quick Launch and Start Menu redundant, is easily configured, takes up next to no system resources, and will have all of your work colleagues wondering how you got MacOS onto your PC.


Etienne De Crecy Live 2007

I had to feature this. This is one of the most spectacular live shows I have ever seen.

Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 Transmusicales de Rennes from Clement bournat on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sawteeth Records

I've been reading and researching teh stylee nu trends in web design, and having looked back on my portfolio, realised I needed to revisit some of the older sites I designed to spruce them up.

First amongst these is Sawteeth Records. This is a website created by my mucker Vasko. The basic design and graphics of the old site I linked to above are a bit long in the tooth by today's standards, so I am working on a new update with swizzy new CSS and navigation method.

You can preview the site here.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Society For Safe Migration

Following on from designing a logo for the Society for Safe Migration, I am beginning work on the charity's website, a preview of which you can see here.

The Society is dedicated to promoting and improving the lot of migrants, such as those emigrating from North Africa to Europe who get stranded in a political no-man's-land, and are often feel compelled into dangerous methods of transportation.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hard to larboard, Mr Warley! Luff, luff, and shake her!

I have to say I'm no fan of Russell Crowe, but I thought Master & Commander one of the best Hollywood blockbusters in the past twenty years.  I loved the way it seemed so immersive - by the end of the film, you really felt as if you had watched a documentary rather than your standard big-budget Hollywood schtick.

Interested, I started reading the book Master & Commander, of which the film only borrows the name and a couple of scenes.  The books do not offer an easy introduction - for the first 60 pages you are bludgeoned over the head with mizzenmasts, foretopsails and a cunt splice.  The technical knowledge is astounding, but after a while you realise that you don't really need to know every sail and yard on the ships, and the language draws you in.  The writing is masterful, and a delight to behold.  The places, characters and scenarios come to life through the slow immersion into beautiful language.

The characters of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin were barely touched on in the books.  Aubrey, born to the sea, is naive and clumsy by land, whereas Maturin blossoms into life as natural philosopher, doctor and spy.

I am currently up to book 10 in the series of 20 (half way there!) and there has not been a bad book yet.  The book The Ionian Mission was a wonderful exercise in maintaining suspense, as various battles and confrontations loom for 300 pages, yet nothing happens.  In the last 20 pages, the author unleashes the most brutal, vivd encounter of the books so far, and finishes the book with the smoke of battle still hanging in the air, forcing the reader to pick up the next installment to discover the outcome.

Patrick O'Brian's literary achievement is quite astonishing.

Latest Designs

I've been working on a couple of things lately, I've redesigned the Mechagodzilla website with fancypants new graphics, been working on a guitar tutorial website for a local guitar tutor and designed a logo for a new charity - the Society for Safe Migration, which aims to promote safe migration for people who often travel in perilous circumstances.


Another hesitant return to the world of blogging from yours truly, the Fwonkmesiter.  Here I intend to basically capture what ever I'm up to - web design, music creation, the Fwonk netlabel, books I'm reading, music I'm listenening to, TV I'm watching.

Like the world needs another blog that does that, but hey!  It's my webspace, and I'll cry if I want to.

Or something.